Vikings News · Take A Virtual Tour of the Proposed Complex

The Miamisburg School District hopes to build a 5,400-seat multi-use sports stadium at Miamisburg High School if volunteers can secure enough financing to privately fund the five million dollar project. Superintendent Dr. David Vail said that the project will be entirely funded through sponsorships and private donations and that no tax dollars would be used.

The new stadium will have a synthetic turf field and would serve football and lacrosse teams as well as high school band competitions. The synthetic turf could also be used as a practice facility for other sports such as baseball and softball and be used for Physical Education classes at Miamisburg High School.

Parking lots will also be expanded and upgraded to accommodate approximately 900 spaces, which is an increase of 250 spaces. Restrooms and concession stands will be a part of the project to serve visitors and parents of all teams playing within the complex.

The goal of the Miamisburg City School District is to create a facility our community and district can be proud of, rivaling that of other area Division 1 schools in Southwest Ohio. This vision will support football, band, guard, baseball, softball, lacrosse and PE classes and will create far reaching opportunities for the community and other outside groups. All outside sports and activities at the high school will benefit from new restrooms, concessions and added parking. This outstanding improvement to our outdoor facilities will mirror the quality of excellence our district has provided in our classrooms and building. Click on the link below to take a virtual tour or the planned project.