Vikings News · MHS Signing Day Ceremony

A Signing Day Ceremony was held at Miamisburg High School on February 6th.  Congratulations to all on an outstanding accomplishment!!  Final ceremony will take place on April 17, 2019.

Row 1: Alex Warren, Cam Carnevale, Aaron Baker, Aaron Sundermann, Lexie Rang, Ethan Johnson, Thomas Williamson, Colin Dillon, Zach Noll
Row 2: Kristopher Schneider, Dylan Wudke, Jackson Myers, Cael Parkhurst, Duncan Hall, Cam Moore, Colin Alcorn, Zion Lewis, Kyle Vaughn, Parker Hines

Colin Alcorn – Urbana University (football) NCAA II

Row 1: Jim Daugherty (Father), Shauna Hickman (Mother), Colin Alcorn, Carter Daugherty (Brother)
Row 2: Cameron Spady (Cousin), Marsha Ely (Grandmother), Tom Ely (Grandfather)

Aaron Baker – Muskingum University (lacrosse) NCAA III

Lisa Baker (Mother), Aaron Baker, Tim Baker (Father)

Cam Carnevale – Urbana University (wrestling) NCAA II

Row 1: Kara Carnevale (Step Mother), Dyana Rattiff (Mother), Cameron Carnevale, Korey Carnevale (Father)
Row 2: Hailey Smith (Step Sister), Kassy Carnevale (Sister)

Colin Dillon – Indiana Tech (track & field) NAIA

Cathy Dillon (Mother), Colin Dillon, Mark Dillon (Father)

Duncan Hall – University of Louisville (baseball) NCAA I

Row 1: Jason Hall (Father), Dane Hall (Brother), Duncan Hall, Jodi Hall (Mother)
Row 2: Mike Hall (Grandfather), Kay Hall (Grandmother), Diane Webb (Grandmother),
Larry Webb (Grandfather)

Parker Hines – Stetson University (cross country) NCAA I

Row 1: Chad Hines (Father), Parker Hines, Beth Hines (Mother)
Row 2: Payton Hines (Sister), Paige Hines (Sister)

Mikenzie Hindenlang – University of Charleston (tennis) NCAA II

@ South Regency Tennis Center

Row 1: Scott Hindenlang (father & coach), Mikenzie Hindenlang
Row 2: Coach Lance Koetter, Coach Tom Schroeder, Coach Brennan Acres, Coach Ray Espinosa, Lori Hindenlang (mother)
Not pictured: Coach Dan Kronauge, Coach Matt Pledger, Coach Scott Foreman, Coach Dean Grandfield, Zach Berry

Ethan Johnson – Grand Valley State University (cross country & track) NCAA II

Row 1: Megan Johnson (Mother), Ethan Johnson, Chris Johnson (Father)
Row 2: Sue Elliott (Grandmother), Brendan Johnson (Brother)

Zion Lewis – Urbana University (football) NCAA II

Row 1: Heavenlie Lewis (Sister), Zion Lewis, Tana Marshall-Lewis (Mother)
Row 2: Breana Marshall (Sister)

Cam Moore – Urbana University (football) NCAA II

Row 1: Sharon Moore (Grandmother), Cameron Moore, Ciji Moore (Mother)
Row 2: Garrett Moore (Uncle), Gary Moore (Grandfather), Akio Perry (Brother), Aaron Perry (Father), Ian Palmer (Pops), Jalen Turner (Brother), Shawna Lawson (Aunt), Myla Perry (Aunt), Rico Ward (Uncle)

Jackson Myers – Ashland University (football) NCAA II

Row 1: Karla Myers (Mother), Jackson Myers, Bryan Myers (Father)
Row 2: Brad Myers (Uncle), Brett Myers (Cousin), Jean Barnhart (Great Grandmother)
Julie Myers ( Aunt), Carol Van Zant (Grandmother), Ashtyn Myers (Sister)
Blake Myers (Brother), Peyton Myers (Brother), Bev Myers (Grandmother)

Zach Noll – Baldwin Wallace University (lacrosse) NCAA III

Row 1: Mary Beth Noll (Mother), Zach Noll, David Noll (Father)
Row 2: Denise Karmele (Aunt), Marlene Noll (Grandmother), Madelyn Noll (Sister), Leo Noll (Grandfather), Nathaniel Noll (Brother)

Cael Parkhurst – Ashland University (football) NCAA II

Row 1: Brad Parkhurst (Father), Cael Parkhurst, Reggie Parkhurst (Mother)
Row 2: Nancy Parkhurst (Grandmother), Nancy Priser, Abbie Romero (Aunt), Mary Jo Holp (Grandmother), Casey Good (Aunt)
Row 3: Kirk Good (Uncle), Dave Parkhurst (Grandfather), Ron Holp (Great Grandfather), Eli Good (Cousin), Mark Romero (Uncle), Jon Holp (Grandfather)

Lexie Rang – University of Missouri – St. Louis (volleyball) NCAA II

Patti Rang (Mother), Lexie Rang, Dan Rang (Father)

Kristopher Schneider – Muskingum University (lacrosse) NCAA III

Kris Schneider (Father), Kristopher Schneider, Mahala Taulbee (Mother)

Aaron Sundermann – University of Findlay (soccer) NCAA II

Row 1: Tammy Sundermann (Mother), Aaron Sundermann, Matt Sundermann (Father)
Row 2: Christine Caes (Grandmother)

Kyle Vaughn – Urbana University (football) NCAA II

Row 1: Jennifer Kellenbarger (Mother), Kyle Vaughn, Jim Kellenbarger (Father)
Row 2: Brock Vaughn (Brother), Bryce Vaughn (Brother)

Alex Warren – Anderson University (lacrosse) NCAA III

Diane Warren (Step Mother), Larry Warren (Father), Alex Warren, Kelli Warren (Mother)

Thomas Williamson – Ohio Northern University (cross country & track) NCAA III

Row 1: Kevin Harleman (Father), Thomas Williamson, Mary Harleman (Mother)
Row 2: Judy Harleman (Grandmother), Jacquire Weller (Grandmother), Randy Weller (Grandfather)

Dylan Wudke – Youngstown State University (football) NCAA I

Row 1: Haley Wudke (Sister), Brian Wudke (Father), Dylan Wudke, Gretchen Wudke (Mother)
Row 2: Erich Wudke (Uncle), Michael Wudke (Uncle), Carole Wudke



November Ceremony:

6 Seniors Commit to Compete at the Collegiate Level on Signing Day